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Introducing the must-have accessory for your Tesla Model Y – the Gotek Tesla Trunk Refrigerator. This innovative refrigerator boasts a unique hidden design that seamlessly fits into your car’s trunk, maximizing space and providing an organized storage solution. With a generous 15L capacity and partitioned storage, you’ll have ample room for all your food and beverages, conveniently arranged in both upper and lower compartments.

Whether you’re embarking on a road trip, camping adventure, or simply spending quality time with your family, the Tesla Trunk Refrigerator is the perfect companion for your Model Y. Its discreet design ensures it won’t intrude on your trunk space, while its compact size guarantees you won’t sacrifice any room.

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Key Features:

  1. Perfectly Compatible with Model Y (2020-2023): Designed specifically for the Tesla Model Y, this refrigerator seamlessly integrates with your car’s interior, delivering a polished and cohesive look.
  2. Hidden and Side Open Design: Enjoy the benefits of a hidden refrigerator that cleverly maximizes your trunk space. The side-open fridge door makes access easy and convenient.
  3. Easy Installation: Powered by the 12V cigarette lighter, installation is a breeze – no additional wiring required. Simply place it in the designated groove on the left side of the trunk – no sticking or drilling needed.
  4. Air Freeze and Heat Dispassion Technology: Equipped with a high-performance Panasonic compressor and condenser, this fridge offers an impressive cooling range from 23℉ to 68℉. The temperature control touch panel allows you to set the desired level for your drinks and food on the go. Enjoy efficient cooling with noiseless ball roller fans that emit heat inside the fridge, maintaining a quiet 28db sound.
  5. Partitioned Storage: With a 15L capacity in both upper and lower compartments, this refrigerator provides spacious storage that keeps your items neatly organized and easily accessible.

Upgrade your driving experience with the Gotek Tesla Trunk Refrigerator. Within minutes, you’ll have it up and running, enhancing space efficiency, providing energy-saving benefits, and showcasing superior craftsmanship. With its user-friendly installation and convenient controls, this refrigerator is the ultimate addition to your Tesla Model Y, ensuring comfortable journeys and enjoyable outings. Elevate your adventures and make your mark with this essential gear for your car!

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23℉ to 68℉



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