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Gotype R1 Video

We would love to share with you the video which shows the functionality of the Gotype R1 Rollable Keyboard with Bluetooth speaker.
Now you can see with your own eyes that it is super easy to use product with a great design! It is durable and lightweight as we used Aluminum Allow for the speaker shell to ensure that R1 will match your active lifestyle and travelling adventures!

No more ridiculous mistakes thumb-typing on your smartphone or tablet screen. It may be good enough for tweeting or texting, more wordy activities like typing long email messages, taking notes at conference sessions or writing documents are grueling at best. For that, you need a physical keyboard. Gotype is the perfect travel companion—its ultra-thin, lightweight, compact design lets you easily take it wherever you go so you can get more done on your tablet or smartphone no matter where you are. You can roll the it up like a wad of paper or drape it over the edge of your desk like the consumer tech of Salvador Dali’s dreams.

Practicality is the key, though. As it weighs a shade over 280g and measures only 280 x 30 x 30mm when it’s furled up, you can easily carry the keyboard around in a bag or even jacket pocket. Skinny jeans lovers may struggle, however.

The Gotype  is essentially made up of five thick panels of plastic attached to a pliable base. Magnets bookend the button-wielding panels, interlocking and holding the R1 tightly together when you bundle it up. It’s effortless and very satisfying, particularly as it snaps loudly when fully curled up. Playing with a keyboard shouldn’t be this much fun 🙂

Its island-style keys are, in general, pleasantly large and well spaced. We did not make compromises while trying to keep the R1 compact. There’s number row, arrows and most of the function buttons you may need on any iOS possible. Don’t forget Gotype supports Android, Windows and Mac iOs.

The Gotype R1 has 2 separate recharchable Li-polymer batteries:  one is for the Speaker (450mAh) and another (45mAh) for the Keyboard pad, and allows to use them separately. Keyboard has amazing paytime and gives you up to 72 hours of continious typing, with 6 hours playtime for speaker.

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