Gotek shoe deodorizer

Introducing the World’s First Smart Shoecare Device

The Gotek Shoe Deodorizer & Sterilizer Deodorizes, Sanitizes and Adds Life to Your Shoes

SEATTLE, Washington — Regotech Inc., an innovator of smart, app-based technologies for everyday life, presents its most advanced creation to date: Gotek Smart Shoe Deodorizer and Sterilizer, a portable, app-based and discreet electronic device, the first of its kind. With electronic accuracy it kills a variety of bacteria that causes a number of ailments, from odor to athlete’s foot. Created for the modern, active lifestyle of individuals on the go, the Gotek Deodorizer uses the latest in sanitation and deodorization technologies as the next step in shoe care.

Within a compact, unassuming body, the Gotek Deodorizer was designed to completely revitalize your shoes in just an hour. In a patented multi-stage system, ozone sterilization oxidizes and destroys the structures of pathogens, killing and preventing foot fungus and other pathogens. Ionic deodorization produces negative ions to eliminate every germ that causes shoe and foot odor. These technologies are optimized in a special algorithm to kill 99.97% of bacteria present.

Discreetly Compact, Incredibly Effective

The emphasis of Gotek Deodorizer’s design was to afford the user with total discretion. Current shoe deodorizing solutions are mired with embarrassment, from the dusty remnants of foot powder, to the bulky, plug-in shoe sterilizer that advertises its purpose loud and clear. On the contrary, Gotek Deodorizer employs a modular aluminum design that resembles a speaker, allowing the user to place the two detachable pods into their shoes and store in a locker, closet or bag, free from unwanted attention.

A Super Powered Shoe Saver

The portability of the Gotek Deodorizer makes it an excellent carry-on device, and its power capacity ensure dependable operation for extended periods of time. With an 1800mAh battery, enjoy sterilizing up to 27 pairs on a full charge for a month of use. If every pair is odor-free, note that the Gotek Deodorizer also deodorizes and sterilizes a wide variety of sports equipment, including boxing gloves and baseball mits.

The Simple Solution to An Essential Problem

Shoes are a personal choice of style, purpose and quality. They spend miles underfoot, transporting, protecting and forming to the wearer. Over time, shoes become a natural extension of the human body; as such, it is important to care for a dutiful pair of shoes like any other essential resource, rather than to toss them aside just as they become a perfect fit. The Gotek shoe Deodorizer is a powerful and intuitive device to extend the longevity of a great pair of shoes, paving a way for a more sustainable way of life.

“We’re on our feet every single day, and were surprised to see that there was yet a tool designed to solve a challenge everyone faces, but is simple and discreet, after countless research, drafts and testing, we have created something revolutionary and essential for the stylish, active professional. The Gotek Deodorizer is a modern tool we are proud to bring to the public,” – shares Elena Balakhnova, the Marketing Director of Regotech Inc.

Key Features:

  • Patented ozone & ionic sterilization technology kills 99.97% bacteria within 1 hour
  • Normal/Strong/Timing modes for your complete control
  • Smart app memorizes all your shoes for easy repeated sterilization
  • 1800mAh battery allows purification of up to 27 pairs of shoes
  • Discreet, portable size is perfect for both home and travel use
  • Child Protection lock prevents accidental activation
  • 5-year life span serves every pair well past their lifetime.

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