Innodude Magnetic NFC Speaker

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Do you want to have a handy waterproof wireless speaker with a subwoofer? Innodude Magnetic NFC Speaker is the ultimate choice for a great sound experience on the go.

The capsule-shaped speaker is made of high-end materials: fabric, ABS, silicon, and aluminium alloy. Its distinctive appearance is a real eye-catcher.

We used Atomos™ technology which provides a seamless connection through NFC or Bluetooth.

Four Ω 5W speakers and one subwoofer inside the capsule-shaped body offer clear wide-range acoustic performance. With two or more speakers, you could easily create a surrounding sound experience.

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Furthermore, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology could get rid of manual Bluetooth connection and make it super easy with a simple snap-on. NFC lets you connect with smart devices in short-range by either being nearby or touching devices.

Bring Innodude Magnetic Speaker with you on your adventures, a powerful magnet allows you to stick the speaker to any magnetic or metal surface like your smartphone, fridge, door, car or bike.  Just click the button and snap it on anywhere you want, enjoy the vibe and create your style with this great sound buddy.

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3 reviews for Innodude Magnetic NFC Speaker

  1. paul

    I went through a few bluetooth speakers that failed soon as I purchased them, this speaker was another attempt to find a suitable speaker and WOW!! It’s bigger than what I was looking for but I am pleased with it. The sound is very loud on max level so you will not have an issue hearing anything played. I even ran water over it and it has continued to work just fine. The amount of time I use it is off and on but it does seem to hold a charge for a very long time.

  2. alex

    There is nothing I dislike about this little powerhouse speaker. This is my second purchase. It’s been left on continuously for hours on end, used in damp conditions, including the bathroom sink counter while I shower, left outside overnight, thrown in the bottom of my backpack, taken to the desert and the beach and sometimes used simply as a Bluetooth speaker to sit on my home office desk for my listening pleasure while I worked.

  3. Earl Perkins

    I use it for the portable projector in my bedroom when I occasionally watch tv shows before going to sleep. Connects extremely fast to last paired device. I’d say that the sound quality is great for such a small speaker and more then enough for me.

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