Innndude iPad Case with Extension Hub

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Innodude iPad Case solves the dongle dilemma by extending the solo USB-C port to 7 ports, including 1 USB-C charging port, 2 USB-C data ports, 1 USB-A port, an SD card reader, a microSD card reader, an HDMI port (up to 4K 60Hz) and a 3.5-mm audio jack, turning the iPad into a much more versatile tool. A practical travel switch allows you to turn off the hub when not in use to save power and the magnetic side to hold your stylus pen.

The aluminium chassis is designed to allow direct access to all of the iPad controls through the sculpting of the top, bottom, and left sides. Openings are machined into the chassis for the iPad cameras, and a large circular opening allows the iPad’s Apple logo to show through the back. A black vinyl liner covers the inside of the chassis, preventing metal-on-metal contact between the chassis and the back side of the iPad. The USB-C hub module slides into the right side of the chassis and attaches securely with a pair of small metal latches.

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Convert your iPad into an even more versatile tool with the help of the Innodude iPad Protective Case. No more annoying dongles and expensive USB-C to “whatever” adapters. Connect your iPad directly to your TV or projector through the HDMI port, use your favourite headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack, upload photos directly from your camera using SD and microSD memory card readers, and more.

You could also use Innodue for iPad as a highly protective case, cover, stand and explore the collection of ports on its right side. In that scenario, you would be graced with marvellous protection and charge your iPad by attaching its standard USB-C charger to the Innodue PD charging port, with the foldable cover (which also works as the back support) that gives you the most convenient and comfortable visual perspective.

Setup with Innodue for iPad is a snap. Wrap up by sliding the hub module back into place and securing the metal latches then attaching the folio cover to the bottom via its magnetic connector. That’s it.

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iPad Pro 2018-2020 with USB-C, iPad Air2020 4th Gen with USB-C, iPad Mini 2022

USB type


Card Reade

MicroSD Card Reader UHS-1, SD Card Reader(104MB/s)


4K 60Hz HDMI, 1080P HDMI


3.5mm Audio Jack



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2 reviews for Innndude iPad Case with Extension Hub

  1. Stacy

    Good creation!

    My primary reason for getting this was so that I could easily transfer images between my iPad and my PC. It works extremely well for doing this. And, there is no need to download and install any third-party software.

    Going forward, I will probably also use the HDMI feature to project videos. Overall, I’m very happy with this.

  2. Michael Allen

    I have tried all different kinds of iPad cases until Innodude’s case catch my eyes.

    The thing I love the most if the external ports. It has a hdmi, 2 usb, 1 USB-C, memory card slots, headphone jack and USB-C for charging. So while it connects directly to the iPad I can still charge it while working. It turns m iPad easily into a laptop top with Touch Screen. The iPad attaches to the case via magnets just like the Magic Keyboard.

    I work from home and now that iPads can have dual screens, not as good as Windows, I can easily work with 2 screens.

    The external hub I can connect to the iPad but with the case have all the ports I do not need it.

    The case material is actually same with the iPad back board, they are not lie. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

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