Gotek Eraclean Fridge Deodorizer


Gotek brings the new generation of Deodorizer and Sanitizer to your daily life. It uses ozone and negative ion dual-mode and can eliminate odour to provide a healthy environment for food storage and preservation.

Eliminating odour & germs using ozone is much more efficient than using old-fashioned charcoal deodorizers based on passive adsorption.  Gotek Smart Deodorizer not only helps to keep your refrigerator smell fresh but as well extends the lifespan of food. It doubles the shelf life of fruits & vegetables and also speeds up the degradation of potential pesticide residue.

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We updated the design concept and make it sleeker, smaller and stylish this time, the built-in hook could be used to hang the device on your fridge side shelf. The deodorizer can be as well used in your wardrobe and shoe cabinet. The dual cleaning mode provides deep cleaning, the extended periods of Ozone releasing increases the cleaning efficiency per time.

The battery could support 30 days of operations under the general mode, so you don’t need to worry about charging it every day.

Now is the time to own the technology to update your healthy lifestyle.


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