Gotek Roller wireless rollable keyboard


Unique, easy-to-carry keyboard quickly unrolls for anytime use and rolls up for anywhere portability.  It features a tactile, responsive QWERTY keyboard with numeric and directional keys with a five-row layout, making typing just as easy as it is with a standard computer keyboard. Use the built-in cradle to dock your smartphone or tablet for convenient viewing of media while typing; supports smartphones and tablets up to 10″. The keyboard is easy to pair and has automatic turn on/off function.


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Gotek Wireless Rollable Keyboard is featuring a few unique functions: intelligent magnetic switch, which automatically switches on the keyboard after opening and turns to sleep mode when closing; supports 3 simultaneously connected devices; works with a personal computer (PC or MAC) and any mobile device. Designed for easy and comfortable typing, including shortcut keys for Windows and Mac. It is super lightweight and works from 2 AAA batteries which are enough for a month of typing so no charging cables involved.

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