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Design is concerned with how things work, how they are controlled, and the nature of the interaction between people and technology. When done well, the results are brilliant, pleasurable products.

Don Norman "The Design of Everyday Things"

5 Mar / 18
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No compromise

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Our company mission is to blur the line between technology, functionality, cutting-edge design, and the mass market. As a consumer-oriented company, we will compromise neither quality nor design as the most important values for a really good product. We may compromise our profits but not your product experience and convenience. Design...
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6 Feb / 18
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Gotype R1 Video

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We would love to share with you the video which shows the functionality of the Gotype R1 Rollable Keyboard with Bluetooth speaker. Now you can see with your own eyes that it is super easy to use product with a great design! It is durable and lightweight as we used...
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